Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge 's Icon E-Flyer Electric Bicycle

Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge Discloses The Icon E-Flyer Electric Bicycle

Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge , the maker of the award winning design ICON E-Flyer by Jonathan Ward & Andrew Davidge demonstrates, ICON and Vintage Electric collaborated to design this timeless electric bicycle. Designed and built in Califor <Cropped>

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2015 Better Philadelphia Challenge: The Future of Petty Island

This Annual Competition (formerly The Ed Bacon Student Design Competition) Challenges University-level Students From Around The World to Address Real-world Urban Design Issues in Philadelphia That Have Application Not Only to Our City, But to Urban Center

This annual competition (formerly the ed bacon student design competition) challenges university-level students from around the world to address real-world urban design issues in philadelphia that have application not only to our city, but to urban c <Cropped>

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Valerii Sumilov's Vinaria Din Vale Series of Quality Wines

Valerii Sumilov Discloses The Vinaria Din Vale Series of Quality Wines

Valerii Sumilov, the author of the awarded work Series of quality wines by Valerii Sumilov points out, The main task was to rebrand and launch a new trademark Vinaria din Vale. The main peculiarity of this project was keeping the original name as wel <Cropped>

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Angel Stefanov's Heavenly Lounge Foyer (lobby)

Angel Stefanov Portrays The Heavenly Lounge Foyer (lobby)

Angel Stefanov, the author of the award winning design Heavenly lounge - foyer (lobby) by Angel Stefanov says, The Heavenly Lounge conceptual project represents a foyer (lobby) viewing at an open garden. The foyer may be adapted to a Spa, relax or ot <Cropped>

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Lamp by Fumiya Ino

Fumiya Ino Discloses The Fascickle Lamp

Fumiya Ino, the author of the award winning work lamp:fascickle by Fumiya Ino explicates, This lamp engenders a new expression of a classic pattern. The tartan check pattern created in Scotland has spread throughout the world through fashion and is l <Cropped>

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Sensor Faucet by Miscea Gmbh

Miscea Gmbh Reveals The Miscea Kitchen Sensor Faucet

miscea GmbH, the author of the highlighted project Sensor Faucet by miscea GmbH spells out, The miscea KITCHEN system is the world’s first truly touch free multi-liquid dispensing kitchen faucet. Combining 2 dispensers and a faucet into one unique <Cropped>

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Federico Traverso's Ampoule Illuminated Vase

Federico Traverso Shares The Ampoule Illuminated Vase

Federico Traverso, the author of the highlighted project Ampoule by Federico Traverso demonstrates, A drop of light, an archetypal and pure form that in its dynamic impetus tells of the unique poem of a flower gift. This is the inspiring thought of a <Cropped>

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Mystery Build 2014-$21, 000 in Awards

Create a Work of Art Using Only The Materials Provided in a Mystery Build Kit! What's Inside? We Can't Tell You!mystery Build 2014 Call For Artists and Creators. Awards: $21, 000 in Cash Awards, Plus Gift Cards For Art Supplies! Submission

Create a work of art using only the materials provided in a mystery build kit! what's inside? we can't tell you!Mystery build 2014 call for artists and creators. awards: $21,000 in cash awards, plus gift cards for art supplies! submi <Cropped>

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Cinema by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung Presents The Nanchang Insun International Cinema Cinema

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, the maker of the highlighted work Cinema by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung illustrates, The cinema, located in a Book City, has inspired the designers to combine the two elements into their design. White background with bl <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Bag by Urška Petrič

Urška Petrič Shows The Nomadka Multifunctional Bag

Urška Petrič, the creator of the displayed design Nomadka by Urška Petrič spells out, Nomadka is designed to suit its owner in all aspects. That means combining sturdy composition with practical solution and aesthetic looks. In other words, water <Cropped>

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