Infinity by Luca Matta

Luca Matta Exhibits The Infinity Lamp

Luca Matta, the designer of the highlighted project lamp by Luca Matta demonstrates, “infinity” is a concept joined to a lighting “body” that refers to use and function of brick. it will be possible to build what ever you want, starting from <Cropped>

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Afterschool Facility :orandajima House by Martin Van Der Linden

Martin Van Der Linden Reveals The Orandajima House Afterschool Facility

Martin Van Der Linden , the thinktank behind the displayed project Orandajima House - Afterschool Facility by Martin Van Der Linden explains, Yamada-machi is a town located on the central coastline of Japan’s Iwate prefecture. Its economy is base <Cropped>

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Embedded Design Challenge

Global Design Challenge For Students and Enthusiasts With a Background in Research & Education. 100'000 Us$ Annual Prize Money. Enter The Competition and Transform Your Ideas Into Reality With Toradex™ Computer Modules

Global design challenge for students and enthusiasts with a background in research & education. 100'000 us$ annual prize money. enter the competition and transform your ideas into reality with toradex™ computer modules..

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Yu Wen Chiu's Nature Residence

Yu Wen Chiu Spotlights The Nature Residence

Yu Wen Chiu, the creator of the awarded project nature - residence by Yu Wen Chiu points out, This home is designed for a couple.Return to nature. People are willing to get out more,to be outdoors or ,to let nature be part of ones life,to allow for n <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kaari Analogue Watch

Azahara Morales Vera Designs The Kaari Analogue Watch

Azahara Morales Vera, the creative mind behind the award winning design Analogue watch by Azahara Morales Vera explicates, This design is based on a standard 24h analogue mechanism (half-speed hour hand). This design is provided with two arc shaped d <Cropped>

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Bar:tsingtao 1903 Bar by Wangtao

Wangtao Shows The Tsingtao 1903 Bar Bar

Wangtao, the project leader of the awarded design bar by Wangtao spells out, This is the starting point of "Community Pubs Plan" of Tsingtao Beer Company and it is also the very first store. An experiential chain store of beer culture is bo <Cropped>

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Design Concept Contest Vivatis

How Could Future Products of Maresi and Knabber Nossi Be Found On Supermarket Shelves? Join The Contest, Share Your Concepts and Win Unique Prizes Worth 26 800€hi Competitors, Right Now We Have a Contest Running That Could Be Really Interesting For

How could future products of maresi and knabber nossi be found on supermarket shelves? join the contest, share your concepts and win unique prizes worth 26 800€Hi competitors, right now we have a contest running that could be really interesting <Cropped>

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Award Winning Thr350 Architecture-Residential

Aedas Exhibits The Thr350 Architecture-Residential

Aedas, the creative mind behind the displayed work THR350 - Architecture - Residential by Aedas says, Located at a hillside on the Hong Kong Island, this nine-storey private residence is unique to the history and context of Hong Kong. The design is <Cropped>

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Pip!-Parallel Interactive Projector by Jorge Prieto

Jorge Prieto Presents The Pip! Parallel Interactive Projector

Jorge Prieto, the project leader of the award winning design Parallel Interactive Projector:PIP! by Jorge Prieto spells out, PIP or the Parallel Interactive Projector was created to lesser the dependence we have today in our Smartphones. By synchroni <Cropped>

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Award Winning Waterfall Chair and Armchair

Jorge Prieto Portrays The Waterfall Chair and Armchair

Jorge Prieto, the creative mind behind the award winning design Chair and armchair by Jorge Prieto demonstrates, The Waterfall chair and armchair were created as an answer to the everyday growing unsustainable mass production we suffer in our days wh <Cropped>

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