Award Winning Jansen Campus Office Building

Davide Macullo Architects Shares The Jansen Campus Office Building

Davide Macullo Architects, the project leader of the awarded project Office Building by Davide Macullo Architects explains, The building is a striking new addition to the skyline, linking the industrial area and the old town and takes its triangular <Cropped>

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Plate by Joannes Petersen

Joannes Petersen Reveals The 1hand Plate Plate

Joannes Petersen, the creator of the displayed project 1hand plate - Plate by Joannes Petersen explains, 1hand plate: Be the better server. Carry your glass of wine and your plate with one hand only. The plate is light-weighted and its unique shape o <Cropped>

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Award Winning Deco Cupboard

Viktor Kovtun Creates The Deco Cupboard

Viktor Kovtun, the maker of the awarded work Deco - cupboard by Viktor Kovtun points out, One cupboard hanged over another. Very unique design, which allow the furniture not to fill the space, as the boxes are not standing on the floor, but suspended <Cropped>

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Off The Wall-Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelf

Design Contest For a New Furnishing Metal Bookshelfmabele, Brand of The Italian Ma-bo, Is Looking For Original Solutions For Metal Bookshelves That Might Be Hung On The Walls Just Like Pictures. The Proposals Should Be Able to Adorn An Empty Wall Characte

Design contest for a new furnishing metal bookshelfMabele, brand of the italian ma-bo, is looking for original solutions for metal bookshelves that might be hung on the walls just like pictures. the proposals should be able to adorn an empty wall cha <Cropped>

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Heroinat by Ilir Blakçori

Ilir Blakçori Reveals The Heroinat Memorial

Ilir Blakçori, the architect of the award winning work Heroinat by Ilir Blakçori illustrates, The contribution and pain of Kosovo women during the war has, for the most part, remained anonymous and unacknowledged. As such, this design has the purpo <Cropped>

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Adaptable Jewelry:gravity by Anne Dumont

Anne Dumont Discloses The Gravity Adaptable Jewelry

Anne Dumont, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Gravity Adaptable Jewelry spells out, While in the 21th Century, the use of high contemporary technologies, of new materials or of extreme new forms is often a must to do innovations, Gr <Cropped>

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Ivan Cheng's Natural Charm Spa Clubhouse Spa

Ivan Cheng Creates The Natural Charm Spa Clubhouse Spa

Ivan Cheng, the project leader of the awarded design Clubhouse SPA by Ivan Cheng demonstrates, Such rich design elements as of Southeast Asia and modern Chinese style, have been integrated into design for Bin Sheng Lake No.1 Clubhouse SPA. It will re <Cropped>

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Silver Wave

Find New Interesting Application For The Greggio Pure Silver Foils.silver Wave Greggio, Benchmark Company in The Silver World, Is Now Looking For New Applications For Its Technology and Know-hows Based On The Production and Working of Pure Silver Foils A

Find new interesting application for the greggio pure silver foils.Silver wave greggio, benchmark company in the silver world, is now looking for new applications for its technology and know-hows based on the production and working of pure silver fo <Cropped>

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Hands Free Video Door Phone by Rahsan Akin

Rahsan Akin Exhibits The Tiara Hands Free Video Door Phone

Rahsan Akin, the thinktank behind the awarded work hands free video door phone:Tiara by Rahsan Akin illustrates, Tiara was designed in accordance with the horizontal and vertical use, depending on the width of the place of use. Aesthetic quality of p <Cropped>

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Retail Interior Design:hiveometric-Kuppersbusch Showroom by Alain Wong

Alain Wong Exhibits The Hiveometric-Kuppersbusch Showroom Retail Interior Design

Alain Wong, the maker of the award winning work Retail Interior Design:Hiveometric - Kuppersbusch Showroom by Alain Wong illustrates, The client looks for creative design to well represent the brand. The name ‘Hiveometric’ is formed by two words <Cropped>

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