Metamorphosis 3d-Bespoke Body Modification by Jullien Nikolov

Jullien Nikolov Portrays The Metamorphosis 3d Bespoke Body Modification

Jullien Nikolov, the architect of the displayed design Metamorphosis 3D by Jullien Nikolov spells out, A 3D printed tattoo is a three-dimensional, physical representation of a certain 2D design. The result is a bespoke piece of body decoration which is flexible and can be easily applied to the surface of skin using bio-friendly, silicone based adhesives. The positive relief effect achieved after application communicates essential design information through both visual and tactile stimulation. 3D printing custom body decoration is a less permanent and non-invasive alternative to conventional tattoos, offering a new level of opportunities for self-expression and transformation of the human form..

Metamorphosis 3d-Bespoke Body Modification by Jullien Nikolov Images:


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