Total Bathroom Collection by Gozde Tufekci Mercan

Gozde Tufekci Mercan Spotlights The Saraylı (ottoman) Total Bathroom Collection

Gozde Tufekci Mercan, the author of the award winning work Total Bathroom Collection:Saraylı (Ottoman) by Gozde Tufekci Mercan says, The collection,derived from the magnificence of the past and the body from today’s modern forms,has been designed for those who want to bring Ottoman decoration to their baths.With the series Birun and Enderun,the collection comprised of ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture appealing to two different sets of users have aimed to provide an integrated bath experience.The elements of palace style have been explored modernly and other properties like textile drawer interiors which are used in the furniture industry but have yet to be used in bath decor have been included into the collection..

Total Bathroom Collection by Gozde Tufekci Mercan Images:


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